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1st December 2021

Royal Navy Rugby League Renew Partnership with iPRO

iPRO are thrilled to announce a three-year partnership renewal with Royal Navy Rugby League, building on a successful partnership that started in 2018.

The renewal will see iPRO remain as Official Hydration Partner, supplying all Royal Navy Rugby League representative teams with iPRO Sport Edition and branded cooler boxes, water bottles and water bottle carriers for safe and accessible hydration. Players’ kits will also display iPRO branding to promote the testament of iPRO's healthy range of drinks.

For a victorious performance, rugby players must master their competitive edge by bolstering their hydration levels. iPRO Sport Edition is an Informed Sport certified hydration drink trusted by several military sporting organisations on and off the pitch. The healthy hydration drinks are supercharged with electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, and magnesium, which replenish the salts and minerals which players lose to sweat during vigorous matches.

Mat Gee, Vice Chairman of the Royal Navy Rugby League, said:

“Royal Navy Rugby League is delighted to continue its relationship with iPRO as our Official Hydration Partner. The alliance we have established with iPRO over the last three years has ensured that our representative teams have the best possible hydration product on the market to enhance their preparations.”

Members of the Royal Navy Rugby League are subject to strict anti-doping regulations and drug exams. By ingesting the smallest amount of a banned substance, they risk producing a positive drug result. The Royal Navy Rugby League’s continued endorsement of iPRO Sport Edition is a testament to the drink’s safe ingredients and healthful benefits, reinforced through its Informed Sport certification.

Charlotte Taylor, iPRO Partnerships and Operations Manager, also mentioned: 

“We’ve built an incredibly strong relationship with Royal Navy Rugby League over the past three years, and we’re thrilled to continue hydrating all representative Royal Navy Rugby League teams for three more years. iPRO Sport Edition delivers an invaluable source of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals, which are key components to a winning performance.”

iPRO will support two Royal Navy Rugby League events in 2022 as part of the hydration partnership, including ‘The Armed Forces Military Day’ and the ‘Inter Services Rugby League Competition’.

A healthy balance of fluid, salts and minerals is fundamental to maintaining a competitive edge. Master yours for less than £1 a bottle with 24-bottle packs from iPRO.Direct.

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Team Image - Credit: Richard Beattie: SBS Photography