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12th December 2017

BAMMA - Mixed Martial Arts

BAMMA is pleased to announce their partnership with iPro Sport that will see the groundbreaking hydration and sports drink brand become the preferred hydration partner of the BAMMA: Newcastle event, due to take place on Friday 15th December from the Metro Radio Arena, to be broadcast live across the UK & Ireland on ITV4.

The partnership will see iPro Sport branding featured throughout the arena and the broadcast of the event, and will see the innovative brand’s isotonic products, designed to increase an athlete’s performance, offered to all fighters competing at the event.

Paul Benson, Head Of Commercial, BAMMA said:

“We are very pleased to welcome iPro Sport on board as our preferred hydration partner for our return to Newcastle on Friday 15th December. iPro Sport offer a plethora of groundbreaking products that support athletes across all sports for their fuelling and hydration needs. MMA is one of the most physically exacting sports on the planet and BAMMA plays host to some of the highest performing MMA athletes in the UK and beyond. We hope that this partnership with iPro Sport will be able to assist them in their training and performance ahead of BAMMA: Newcastle.”

With the increasing demand from athletes across the globe calling upon iPro Sport as their preferred hydration drink of choice, it is clear that there is a much wider understanding of the direct impact quality hydration has on overall performance.

Sophie Christy, Commercial Director, iPro Sport said:

“We are committed to providing the athletes on the BAMMA roster with the very best hydration product for their re-hydration process. We are thrilled to be working in partnership BAMMA and we look forward to seeing our partnership grow into to a long-term commitment and strategic product alignment with the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Our well wishes go out to all the athletes and thank you to the BAMMA Team and International Sports Consulting for their assistance in bringing this partnership together!”

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