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23rd September 2017

ACB 70 - Sheffield Arena

ACB are pleased to announce they have signed a partnership agreement with the iPro Sport this week in a deal that will see the reputable isotonic drinks company become the preferred choice of hydration drink for the fighters on the ACB roster.

This is a perfect partnership for ACB who make the health and safety of their athletes the prime focus of the organisation. Having a company like iPro Sport, who’s values and ideals reflect that of the MMA promotion, is a perfect fit. This deal will take effect immediately and the athletes that will first benefit from this partnership will be the fighters taking part on the monumental fight card, ‘ACB 54: SUPERSONIC’ in Manchester on Saturday March 11th at the Manchester Arena.

One of the hardest parts of a fight camp for a fighter is the weight cut they make before stepping on the scales the Friday before fight night. This new partnership between ACB and iPro Sport will ensure that the fighters will now have the best possible drinks for their re-hydration process. Alongside that, iPro Sport will be on hand to educate the fighters about how best to rehydrate and how the range of iPro drinks can best help them recover.

Sophie Christy, Commercial Director for iPro Sport said:

"With the increasing demand from athletes across the globe calling upon iPro Sport as their preferred hydration drink of choice, it is clear that there is a much wider understanding of the direct impact quality hydration has on overall performance. We are extremely proud to be working in partnership ACB and this is just the beginning of a long-term commitment and strategic product alignment with Mixed Martial Arts."

iPro Sport has been tested and proven to aid recovery and increase hydration levels. Unlike many of its competitors, it is naturally sweetened with Stevia, contains no artificial colours, flavourings or sweeteners and is packed full of the vitamins needed to help the body recover.

Most importantly, iPro Sport is trusted by professional athletes and is ‘Informed Sport Certified’ which is highly recognised by UK AntiDoping (UKAD) and recognised by other sports and anti- doping organisations.

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