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28th April 2017

iPro Sport & British Army Rugby

As current suppliers of the Military, iPro Sport is not only available for sale in barracks across the country, today the Army Rugby Union launch their partnership with iPro Sport as the 'Preferred Hydration Drink' of their rugby players. The partnership will be celebrated at the Army v Navy game on Saturday 29th April at Twickenham Stadium, the home of English Rugby in front of a 81,577 capacity crowd.

iPro Sport will continue to work closely with the Army Rugby Union to ensure that their players are receiving the very best in hydration to aid optimum performance during competitions, in their all important training sessions and off the field in their day to day roles within the military.

Sophie Christy, Commercial Director of iPro Sport, said:

“This new partnership with the Army Rugby Union (ARU) is one which has been built on shared values; integrity, commitment, respect and loyalty which will underpin our declaration of long term support to the players and staffing team of the ARU. Sports people in general are becoming more aware of the harmful effects of sugar, artificially sweetened sports drinks and as such they are becoming more educated on what products to consume for optimum hydration and we are fully committed to educating these sports people on the health and performance benefits of our products.”

Chris Fowke, Chief Operations Officer and Secretary of the Army Rugby union, said:

“We are delighted to have entered into this long term partnership with iPro Sport to provide our players with a naturally sweetened isotonic product which is scientifically formulated with essential vitamins and electrolytes needed for our players to perform at their absolute best. As an ‘Informed Sport Certified’ product, iPro Sport is 100% trusted by the military on and off the field and has been voted as the healthiest rehydration drink on the market by our players and most importantly they all love the taste!”

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