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31st August 2023

iPRO Successfully Fuels Crowds as Official Hydration Partner of Victorious Festival 2023

Over the August Bank Holiday weekend, iPRO, the renowned hydration solution provider, made a splash as the Official Hydration Partner at the much-anticipated Victorious Festival. With sunny skies overhead, festival-goers flocked to Southsea for an unforgettable experience, and iPRO Hydrate was there to ensure attendees stayed refreshed and revitalized throughout the event.

The festival grounds buzzed with excitement as families, friends, and music enthusiasts from all walks of life gathered to celebrate the summer's end with a lineup that left no one disappointed. Amidst the energetic performances and vibrant atmosphere, iPRO Hydrate stood out as an essential companion for the crowds, ensuring that hydration remained a top priority. 

Packaged in bottles with 30% recycled plastic and fully recyclable, iPRO’s healthy hydration not only rehydrated Victorious attendees, but also provided 100% of their daily recommended vitamin C and added B vitamins to maintain their health over the festival weekend.  

iPRO Hydrate's presence was felt not just through their partnership, but also by making their products readily available across catering units strategically located throughout the festival grounds. Festival-goers were spotted sipping on iPRO's range of delicious and electrolyte-packed beverages, which were not only a hit among families enjoying the festivities, but also among those seeking a revitalizing boost after a night of dancing and revelry.

Lucy Darrall, the Global Partnerships Manager for iPRO Hydrate, expressed her delight at the success of the partnership. "Victorious Festival has truly been an amazing platform for us to showcase the importance of proper hydration, especially during such high-energy events. It's been incredible to see the smiles on people's faces as they enjoy our drinks under the sunny skies, whether they're chilling with their families or bouncing back from an unforgettable night."

The festival weekend saw attendees making the most of the sunny weather, and iPRO Hydrate played an instrumental role in keeping everyone hydrated and feeling their best. As the music echoed through the festival grounds, the partnership between iPRO Hydrate and Victorious Festival demonstrated the mutual commitment to enhancing the festival experience and prioritizing the wellbeing of all attendees.

On Sunday, iPRO teamed up with Portsmouth FC in the Community to provide exciting prizes for children taking part in their kick out activity which included iPRO Hydrate, wristbands, water bottles, t-shirts and hats, while also educating parents and children on the benefits of iPRO’s healthy hydration. 

On teaming up at the festival, Social Executive at Portsmouth FC in the Community, Ellen Tonkin commented: “We were thrilled to partner with iPRO Hydrate at Victorious Festival. The synergy between Pompey in the Community and iPRO Hydrate's commitment to health, wellness, and community engagement was truly remarkable.Participants loved winning iPRO Hydrate branded gifts and tasting the drinks. Thank you guys!”

As the sun sets on another successful edition of Victorious Festival, the partnership between iPRO Hydrate and the festival stands as a testament to the importance of hydration, community, and enjoying life to the fullest. With iPRO Hydrate's refreshing beverages at hand, festival-goers celebrated, danced, and created lasting memories, all while staying hydrated and nourished.