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17th September 2021

The National Running Show South 2021: iPRO Roundup

On the 11th and 12th of September, the doors opened to the National Running Show South 2021. It proved to be an incredible weekend for the thousands of runners who gathered after 20 long months apart since the last event took place.

The moment the doors opened, the hall was buzzing with running enthusiasts keen to explore the latest product offerings and soak up the atmosphere. The weekend was an overwhelming success for iPRO, who were not only a key exhibitor but also the Official Healthy Hydration Partner at the event. Needless to say, the team were working actively throughout the day to keep the iPRO coolers fully stocked.

Saturday started at 9am with the official opening of the show by Olympic sprinter Roger Black. Sunday commenced with running legend Dame Kelly Holmes taking the Main Stage. The weekend went on to feature an epic line-up of speakers, including iPRO athlete Holly Archer who took the Running Skills Theatre stage on Saturday to share her own inspirational journey.

While all the talks were taking place, there was no escaping the enthusiasm around the plethora of exhibitors showcasing at the event. Whilst it’s tricky to name all of the incredible companies at the event, this article has rounded up a handful of standout exhibitors who showcased innovation, inspiration, and heaps of fun.

Roundup: Innovative Products

Athletes are increasingly using whole-body vibration technology like Power Plate to help their muscles get stronger. After meeting the guys at Power Plate, the iPRO team learned that the technique helps build strength, increase speed, improve flexibility, and relax muscles for runners.

Another intriguing company the iPRO team met was Secret Whispers, a brand designing Kegel Weights which work as strength-training devices for your pelvic floor. Although research estimates one in three women have a weak pelvic floor—meaning they can leak when they run—72 per cent refuse to seek help. Secret Whispers are determined to solve this issue.

Runderwear, the UK’s award-winning underwear brand designed to provide the ultimate comfort while running, was another incredible brand to meet at the event. The iPRO team were inspired to hear about Runderwear’s vision to create the world’s best performance underwear for athletes across the globe.

Finally, iPRO were thrilled to meet the team behind Ultra Magazine, the UK's first printed magazine centred on ultra long-distance running. The magazine was created to celebrate the ultra community - giving space for people to share their adventures, successes, failures, stories, and their words and pictures, via a beautifully printed publication.

Roundup: Inspirational Purpose

There’s a boundary at which life can begin to feel overpowering and wreak havoc on our physical and mental health. Mind over Mountains believes that time outdoors is a powerful way to build resilience and maintain positive wellbeing. Mind over Mountains is a mental health charity offering accessible support through the healing power of nature and the practice of mindfulness in one-day hill walks and weekend retreats. The team were offering relaxing meditations at the event, which went down as a treat for many.

Another inspiring company the team met was Marathon Kids. Marathon Kids is a free programme that runs in parks all over the UK on weekends and in the school holidays, allowing children to maintain regular exercise even when school is out. Marathon Kids believes that running has the power to show kids they can achieve more than they ever dreamed possible, which is something the iPRO team couldn’t agree more with!

Roundup: Fun Activities

If you’re thinking about mixing up your running training, consider hitting the trails. Run the Wild, the UK and Europe's premier trail running adventure company, is all about exploring places instead of running races. They believe nothing compares to the feeling of running along mountain paths and leaving behind your busy life for a moment. At the event, Run the Wild showcased a Running Track with various terrains to experience trail running for yourself.

The Rough Runner Travelator made its debut at the National Running Show South this weekend, and it went down a storm with the crowd. The gameshow-inspired challenge with a steep incline across a moving walkway bought laughter and exhilaration to those who were willing to take it on. Every champ who reached the top received a bottle of iPRO Hydrate - Sport Edition as a reward!

If you enjoyed the taste of iPRO Hydrate – Sport Edition at The National Running Show South, you can now drink it at home by ordering through our official website. Right now, you can get your hands on a 24-case for only £23.90 (less than £1 a bottle) at iPRO.Direct, with FREE delivery!

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