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17th November 2023

iPRO Hydrates Hundreds of Participants at Fitness First Body Combat Event in Dubai

Fitness enthusiasts came together on Saturday November 4th for a memorable Fitness First Body Combat event. It was part of the 30x30 Challenge by Dubai Fitness Challenge, which marked the start of a month-long celebration of fitness and wellness, challenging participants to complete 30 minutes of exercise every day, for 30 days straight.

Fitness First is more than a health club; it's a community that encourages individuals to explore new training styles and techniques. These classes not only inspire but also motivate like-minded members to push their limits. With a wide variety of classes that complement various training programs, events like Body Combat bring the fitness community together.

Over 600 participants gathered at Dubai Silicon Oasis, and for over two hours, poured their energy into an intense and invigorating workout session. It was led by special guest Steve Tansey, who took the stage to share his expertise and motivate participants to give their all. The evening was filled with boxing, kicking, high knees, star jumps, and a medley of exercise movements.

During the event, iPRO had the privilege of hydrating participants with its healthy hydration range. Whether it was a quick sip between rounds or a replenishment during a break, the team were on hand with bottles of iPRO to keep everybody refreshed and feeling good.

Sophie Christy, Global Commercial Director at iPRO, said: "A massive thanks to Fitness First for having us at their Body Combat Challenge event on the 4th of November. iPRO is dedicated to promoting an active and healthy lifestyle, and this collaboration is a testament to our commitment. We look forward to hydrating participants in the upcoming events alongside Fitness First, especially during the end of 30x30."

Samuel Ridge, Brand Representative at iPRO, said: “We’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Fitness First for choosing us as their beverage of choice for the event. We thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this intensive workout, ensuring that every participant stayed refreshed and rejuvenated throughout the evening.

Roberta Re, Fitness First BD Manager said “Working with iPRO is always a pleasure and guaranteed success! All the crowd loved the products and added value provided by iPRO incredible team, this time even bigger bringing to Dubai more exceptional staff! No one could miss the giant iPRO inflatable bottle as a gathering point to refresh, rehydrate and feel pampered!

Rob, Fitness First Coach stated: "I really liked the iPRO drinks, it was my first time trying them and they were super nice, tasty and even better straight from the ice cooler box."

Stephanie, Body Combat Participant stated: "That was such an intense workout... 2.5 hours and I drank all my water in the first 30 minutes. If it wasn't for The iPRO Team hydrating us throughout, I don't think I would have made it to the end!"

iPRO has an enduring collaboration with Fitness First Middle East, which has supported various events, such as Jump First and Yoga First. iPRO Hydrate is readily accessible to its members across Fitness First outlets in the UAE and is also available in major supermarkets, including Carrefour, Grandiose, and Sharjah Coop. You can follow the team’s activities in the UAE here.