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12th February 2021

Revolution Esports and iPRO Partner to Bring Healthy Hydration to Esports

The three-year deal sees Revolution Esports and iPRO partner to bring iPRO’s healthy drinks to esports.

Revolution Esports, an organisation established to create a sustainable infrastructure for the future of the esports industry, has announced a multi-year partnership with healthy drinks company iPRO.

iPRO are a company dedicated and passionate about supporting health and wellbeing, with a clear vision on securing the market positioning as the future brand leaders in the retail 'Wellbeing Category'.

Their partners are many of the biggest names within sport including Scottish Rugby, Irish FA, GB Basketball, West Ham United, Crystal Palace and professional netball club London Pulse. Alongside their professional sports partnerships they also work with community sport and the education sector.

With no artificial colours or flavours and naturally sweetened using the Stevia plant, iPRO Hydrate became the clear choice for Revolution Esports due to the multitude of health benefits that the drinks provide. iPRO Hydrate will not only keep the talented individuals hydrated, improving concentration and cognitive function, but they will also improve the overall health of all consumers due to the vitamin-rich recipe.

The three-year deal will see the joint development of a series of educational content designed to inform esports talent of the benefits of healthy hydration and its impact on performance.

iPRO will also form a key part of Revolution Esports hubs across the UK with each housing an iPRO Hydrate lounge area and healthy hydration available for visitors.

There will also be an allocation of hydration products made available to esports talent associated with Revolution including the recent partnerships with SAF and Ace of Spades.

Revolution and iPRO have also committed to a distribution agreement that will see Revolution introduce iPRO Hydrate to market for the next three years and focus on establishing a firm and educated footprint within the esports space.

An important factor when choosing iPRO as the Official Hydration Partner for Revolution Esports ,was the use of recycled plastic in their packaging and all packaging being 100% recyclable. Additionally, both brands will work together to further support their sustainability agenda by providing talent with reusable iPRO water bottles for everyday use to discourage the use of single use plastics.

Adam Johnson, CEO and Founder at Revolution Esports commented:

“There is no doubt that esports teams are now deploying fitness and nutrition plans across their talent rosters. Hydration and in particular good hydration is a key component to performance. Not only that but it is a good narrative for younger generations who want to become the talent of tomorrow. I am delighted that we can work with a team who has a product that is world renowned and highly respected.”

Global Partnerships Manager at iPRO, Lucy Darrall, added:

“iPRO are so excited to be working with Revolution Esports as we set foot in the increasingly popular esports industry. There is a huge synergy between both brands in our desires to promote health and wellness in a sport that is bombarded with unhealthy products. As such, I look forward to working with Revolution Esports and their partners to improve the lifestyle of esports talent.”

iPRO Hydrate – Sport Edition is now available for purchase and home delivery online via www.iPRO.Direct

For Revolution Esports enquiries contact: [email protected]

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