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9th February 2021

Terling Cricket Club Stay Hydrated With iPRO

iPRO are delighted to be the Official Hydration Partner of Terling Cricket Club! 

Hear what the club have to say...

Marti Cullum: "The Citrus Blend iPRO reinvigorated me, helping support the teams performance and success. Immensely enjoyable – highly recommended"

Charlie Gibson: "Orange and Pineapple iPRO Hydrate kept me going all day in tough, hot conditions – helping the team out when it mattered."

Louis Gibson: "I liked the Berry Mix flavour, it helped keep my energy levels high and led to peak performance at the optimal moment."

Liam Humphries: "On a sweltering hot day, the iPRO Hydrate did the business. A chilled Citrus Burst – second to none!"

Tim Harrison: "Keeping fluid levels high when in the midst of an important match allows your mind to think clearly and perform at your best. The best thing about iPRO is, there isn’t a sugary residue in your mouth. Perfect for a hot day! I’m a big fan of Mango iPRO Hydrate."

Alex Taylor: "Berry Mix iPRO Hydrate is the one for me. Kept me going right to the end – when the game was nip and tuck."

Adam Twin: "I had 4 iPROs – one before and one during each game. Orange and Pineapple was my preferred drink – and helped us win the title!"

With thanks to ShotByJN for all images.

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