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9th September 2020

iPRO Ambassador - Jamell Anderson

Jamell Anderson


Where were you born?
Nottingham, UK

What is your Basketball playing history?
I started playing in year 8 at secondary school and continued to play through College and English University. I then went onto play for U20s Great Britain, Senior GB men, Senior England at the Commonwealth Games. I have played professionally for 10 years with 8 years at Leicester Riders whom I've won 7 national trophies with.

What team do you currently play for?
Leicester Riders

What position do you play?
All of them at times lol but mainly the snall forward

Favourite iPRO Hydrate flavour?

How does iPRO Hydrate help you during training and recovery?
Two ways really, I like to have it when I'm at home and recovering but also mid practice or mid game as I feel it gives me the extra push I need to finish strong.

What is your party trick?
My ability to disappear once it's almost my bed time, I'm like Houdini

Favourite song to workout to?
Drake - Look Alive

What is your guilty pleasure?
Donuts from Doughnotts in Nottingham

Favourite place to go on holiday?

Where can people follow you on social media?
Instagram @Jamell
Twitter @Jamell_A
Facebook jamellandersonbball

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