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7th September 2020

iPRO Ambassador - Andrew Holmes

Andy Holmes


Where were you born?
Carlisle, Cumbria

What is your fitness history?
Not really into sports at an early age, Joined the Royal Navy at 16 (at 5' 2" and 7 stone looking 8 yrs old). Was told by some one once that I was too small to do anything and that hit a nerve. Started to play rugby union, football, hockey, do weights and run (with that thought in my head) played all sports for all ships and Establishments during career. Played for United Services RFC from 1988 - 1996. Selected to represent Royal Navy Under 21 Select at that time. Represented Portsmouth Command Field Gun Crew 1994, 1997, 1998 and 1999 at the Royal Tournament, Earls Court, London. Selected and represented Royal Navy Veterans Rugby 2001 - 2016 then became player manager until 2018. Captained Combined Services Rugby veterans rugby team for Royal British Legion tournament. Started OCR racing for fun with sisters in 2014 and got the bug. Realised my drive hadn't reduced and I was still competitive - not to mention pretty good at acting like a kid and running through mud, over walls and under barbed wire etc... Took some advice, got myself a running coach. Met some amazing people as crazy as me who love this stuff and... Haven't looked back. All thanks to someone looking down at me those 32 years ago and telling me I could do it!!!

What are your fitness and competition plans for 2020?
Training plans are running 3-4 times a week covering between 30-40 km with strength (push /pull) exercises on days between. Actual races are very Spartan orientated this year. Aim its to complete 2 Trifecta's ( 2 x Sprint, 2 x Super and 2 x Beast races ) gaining podiums in at least 3 of those in preparation for my ultimate goal of qualifying and competing - representing Team iPRO, Maximuscle, TeamUK and Royal Navy in the Spartan Trifecta World Championships in Sparta Greece in early November where I aim to gain at least Top 20 in Age Group. Final race planned is the Spartan Stadion 'Twickenham' in Dec where I hope to do better than last year (6th in AG) and Podium.

What is your favourite workout?
Something that makes you realise life is all about moving your limits - but has to involve a good rope climb, power bag carry and has me propped up against the wall at the end - bringing my heart rate back down

Favourite iPRO Hydrate flavour?
Berry - I could actually drink loads of that stuff (but i stick to only one! after a workout or race)

How does iPRO Hydrate help you during training and recovery?
I actually feel the benefit while drinking the juice. I recover quicker, feel ready to go again the next day and touch wood - haven't suffered with cramp since I started drinking it!

What is your favourite cheat meal?
Cant lie.... I love spicy pizza (the hotter the better)

What is your party trick?
Doing cheerleading lifts and stuff with my daughter

Favourite song to workout to?
Giant - Calvin Harris & Rag n Bone Man

What is your guilty pleasure?
Frozen Mars bars dipped in coffee

Favourite place to go on holiday?
Castaway Cay part of the the Disney Cruise package (Gotta love Disney!)

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