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14th January 2022

The Major Health Benefits of Dry January

Dry January, those 31 days when people resist alcohol in favour of living a healthier lifestyle. Following a festive month of winter bubbly and mulled wine, dry January gives our bodies the pause they need to recover and get back to optimal health. Plus, the movement coincides with Liver Awareness Month, which highlights the importance of good liver health.

By cutting out alcohol for a month, dry January allows us to take care of our wellbeing - especially after drinking more than usual around the holidays. And when February arrives, we’re surprised to find we don't need alcohol as much as we believed we did, creating healthier drinking habits. Here’s how dry January benefits our health.

Our Immune System Grows Stronger

Drinking alcohol disrupts ciliary function in the upper airways, suppressing our immune system. Swapping alcohol for a vitamin-rich beverage such as iPRO Hydrate with added vitamin C is an excellent way to aid your immune system. Vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) supports the proper functioning of the immune system. It contributes to immune defence by supporting numerous cellular functions and the antioxidant properties helps to reduce the length of existing colds and flu for a swifter recovery.

We Get Sounder Sleep

Although alcohol makes us feel relaxed and sleepy, it’s also being metabolized in our system very quickly. Meaning it has a rebound effect when our body is clear of it again. If you find yourself awakening only a few hours after dropping off, it’s likely your body is experiencing the rebound effect. This happens in the middle of the night, just before your body is about to enter its deepest phase of slumber (REM sleep). Ditching the alcohol for a month will do wonders for your sleep quality and your energy levels the next day.

Our Mood is Elevated

A few glasses of wine may relieve the stress of the day, but since alcohol is a psychoactive substance, it can radically change the way we think and feel. Alcohol tends to make symptoms of anxiety and depression worse, so you may discover your mood is more stable when not consuming alcohol. Although Dry January isn’t a remedy for these types of conditions, stepping back from the nightly Zinfandel will do wonders for your mental wellbeing. Instead, try an ice-cold glass of iPRO Hydrate high in vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 creates neurotransmitters that regulate emotions called dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine plays a vital role in mood regulation, helping us deal with stress and anxiety.

We Feel Refreshed in the Mornings

Alcohol advances dehydration, causing that nausea-inducing sensation called a hangover the next day. Drinking too much alcohol can leave your hydration levels out of balance by increasing fluid loss through frequent toilet trips. Since we lose fluid during the night through sweating and breathing, adding alcohol to the mix only worsens the situation. By cutting out alcohol, you’ll have more energy for the day with improved focus. If you notice yourself feeling thirstier than usual in the mornings, keep a bottle of iPRO Hydrate in the fridge as you may be experiencing dehydration. The added electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium, will bring the fluid and salt balance back to a healthy level. Plus, the fruity flavours are refreshingly delicious.

Make Mocktails with iPRO

Who said dry January had to be boring? Get creative with iPRO's range of fruity flavours to make a selection of healthy mocktails. You could combine iPRO’s Berry Mix and Citrus Blend flavours with a handful of mint leaves, a dash of soda water and lemonade for a refreshing Berry Mojito Mocktail. Or pair iPRO’s Mango and Pineapple & Orange with crushed ice and lemon sorbet for a tangy Tropical Crush Mocktail!

It’s never too late to start dry January! Explore iPRO’s vitamin-rich fruity flavours at iPRO.Direct for less than £1 a bottle, with FREE delivery to your door.