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News Industry Nutrition and Hydration Week 2023: Importance of Hydration in Education


9th March 2023

Nutrition and Hydration Week 2023: Importance of Hydration in Education

Monday 13th March see’s the start of Nutrition and Hydration Week 2023, a time for raising awareness about the importance of healthy eating and drinking habits. And what better place to start than in education? Children have undeveloped thirst mechanisms, which means they might not feel thirsty even when they haven’t drunk enough. Because of this, it's vital to teach them healthy drinking habits.

A study by The Natural Hydration Council showed that hydrated children outperformed dehydrated children. In fact, the latter’s performance decreased by a staggering 5%. The importance of hydration must be communicated, and that’s why schools need to take measures to promote healthier drinking habits. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into what can be done.

Hydrating Options in Vending Machines

Sugar-packed drinks have no place in a child's diet but account for almost one-third of their daily sugar intake. According to a Public Health England study, the average child has consumed 18 years' worth of sugar by the time they’re 10 years old. It’s a shocking statistic and one that raises the question: is enough being done to make healthier options a choice?

One significant aspect that educational institutions can address is the availability of hydration drinks in vending machines. Instead of filling vending machines with sugary drinks and snacks, educational institutions can opt for healthier options such as iPRO Student Edition. Bottom line: students should have easy access to hydrating options throughout the day, and having these options available in vending machines can encourage healthy habits.

Healthy Options in Cafeterias and Dining Halls

The best place to introduce new options? In cafeterias and dining halls. Serving meals with hydration drinks is a simple and effective way to promote hydration and get students used to choosing healthier options at lunchtime. In addition to drinks, schools can also offer fresh fruits and vegetables with high water content and nutrients, such as watermelon, cucumber, and grapes, to help students diversify their hydration sources.

Education on the Importance of Hydration

Educational campaigns often focus on getting children to eat healthier foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables. But an often-overlooked opportunity is what they are drinking and whether they are getting enough hydration. Providing healthier and more nutritious options like iPRO Student Edition enables children to thrive inside and outside the classroom, creating a productive environment and furthering their learning success.

Setting a Good Example

Children and young adults can be encouraged to adopt healthier habits by those setting a good example. Teachers and staff can model healthy habits by carrying water bottles and encouraging students to drink water throughout the day. Schools can also incorporate physical activity and hydration breaks into the daily schedule, which can encourage students to stay active and hydrated (and even turn these breaks into fun moments).

Final Thoughts

Schools, colleges and universities have a crucial role in promoting healthy hydration habits among their students. By offering hydrating options in vending machines and dining halls, educating students on the importance of hydration, and setting a good example they can help students adopt healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

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