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News Partners CLF Distribution Partners with iPRO Hydrate to Offer Leading Healthy Hydration Drinks to Independent Health Food Retailers


2nd June 2023

CLF Distribution Partners with iPRO Hydrate to Offer Leading Healthy Hydration Drinks to Independent Health Food Retailers

CLF Distribution, a trusted wholesaler based in Southampton, is thrilled to announce its partnership with iPRO Hydrate, the renowned supplier of Healthy Hydration drinks. This exciting collaboration will enable CLF Distribution to provide over 1,000 independent health food retailers with access to iPRO's premium range of 500ml hydration products.

iPRO has rapidly established itself as the go-to brand for healthy hydration in the world of sports, health, and wellbeing. From professional athletes seeking optimal performance to individuals in leisure and educational settings prioritising their wellbeing, iPRO is synonymous with superior hydration. 

iPRO Hydrate takes pride in being ‘Recommended by parkrun’, the world's largest active community. With over 1,600 General Practitioners in the UK signposting patients to parkrun for improved health, iPRO Hydrate has become the preferred choice within this vibrant community.

With this partnership, CLF Distribution further strengthens its commitment to offering the highest quality health food and drink products to its valued customers. iPRO's range of beverages perfectly complements CLF Distribution's existing portfolio, aligning with the company's vision to promote overall wellness through exceptional products.

"We are delighted to partner with iPRO Hydrate," said Mark Sharp, Marketing Manager of CLF Distribution. "Their dedication to producing healthy hydration drinks of exceptional quality is truly commendable. By adding iPRO to our product lineup, we can confidently meet the increasing demand for innovative and health-conscious options among our retail partners."

"We're thrilled to join forces with CLF Distribution and expand our reach to over 1,000 independent health food retailers,” comments iPRO Head of Out of Home, Razina Moosa. “As demand for functional beverages soars, our vitamin-rich hydration drinks perfectly fill this gap, giving consumers a delicious but healthy alternative to artificially-sweetened soft drinks on the market."

iPRO strengthens its sustainability commitment with 100% recyclable packaging, prioritising closed-loop recycling. Products can be recycled back into plastic bottles, minimising new plastic and reducing waste. Anticipating the 2024 single-use plastics directive, iPRO has introduced tethered sports caps on iPRO Hydrate in 30% rPET bottles, enabling easier recycling.