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2nd December 2021

Are Festive Beverages a Drink or Dessert?

The Christmas season is synonymous with overindulgence; a gingerbread latte here and a fudge brownie hot chocolate there. Recent reports, however, suggest that we should reconsider those hot treats we order from our local coffee shops for one specific reason: sugar.

For the last few years, Starbucks, Costa, and Caffè Nero have been under fire for the amount of sugar swirling inside each cup of their festive drinks. Starbucks, a trendsetter during the winter season, once again launched its Christmas menu to the joy of many fans. Although, not everybody has been impressed by the sugar amount in their drinks.

The celebrated Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, which is around 380 calories, contains 50 grams of sugar, 52 grams of carbs and 14 grams of fat. The Caffe Nero Mint Choc Chip Hot Chocolate contains jaw-droppingly 63 grams of sugar and 414 calories in each 473ml serving. That equals 15 teaspoons of sugar!

Certified nutritionist Amanda Ursell thinks these festive drinks should be seen as a dessert since they contain so many calories. She says: “These should not be regarded as drinks — we should see them as a pudding because of the amount of sugar and calories in them. They are a very occasional treat, not something you have every day.”

Another Starbucks signature that comprises the most sugar is the Caramel Hot Chocolate sumptuously topped with whipped cream, counting 23 teaspoons of sugar and a shocking 758 calories. That equates to around three cans of fizz!

These drinks contain more than double the daily sugar allowance recommended for adults in the UK, who are advised to consume no more than a total of 30g of sugar a day.

Nutritionist Holly Gabriel, from Action on Sugar, comments: “It is shocking that so many high street coffee chains are wilfully putting their customers’ health at risk despite Public Health England (PHE) setting sugar reduction targets for sugary milk drinks in 2018. Coffee shops and cafes need to take much greater steps to reduce the levels of sugar and portion sizes, promote lower sugar alternatives and stop pushing indulgent extras at the till."

It seems some are swapping Starbucks for their very own kitchen in an endeavour to make their favourite festive drink – with a healthier approach. One way to reduce the sugar amount is by making sure you avoid pre-sweetened milk and use an alternative like oat milk or almond milk. A Reddit user explained how they make their own Pumpkin Spice Latte with pumpkin spice ground coffee instead of artificially-flavoured syrup.

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